Tim & Sharon Rohwer

About The Delta Group

It takes more than teamwork to construct a winning business partnership. It requires common bonds and a shared philosophy. Real estate professionals Tim Rohwer and Sharon Rohwer – collectively known as The Delta Group – could not agree more.

Sharon and Tim are mother and son, but that is just one of many reasons these two professionals “relate” to one another – and their clients – as well as they do. When you get to know them, you will see that Tim and Sharon share a genuine love for people and they thrive on building lasting relationships while helping their clients make the most of their real estate opportunities. They each possess down-to-earth personalities and an authentic approach to life and business. They are also bonded by a love for the South Delta area, from the stunning scenery to the endless opportunities and activities to the outstanding quality of life.


the origins of success

Sharon is the longtime veteran of the team with more than two decades of experience as a well-respected real estate professional both here and in Victoria, where she called home until 2004. Despite his mother’s urging, Tim did not enter the real estate industry until he pursued the purchase of investment properties and enjoyed the special skills and challenges involved in the business. The two joined forces. The Delta Group was formed.


something for everyone

When you work with The Delta Group to assist in the sale or purchase of a home, you benefit from the accessibility of having two expert professionals on your side and their support team behind them. Even more importantly, Tim and Sharon's diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise and ages translate into a cross-generational, multi-person-team that collectively has something for everyone.

That is why, not long after forming this dynamic partnership, The Delta Group adopted the motto, “We Can Relate” as their professional mantra. It’s also fitting they embraced the Delta as their logo, as its three sides represent their deep ties to the Delta communities they serve. When it comes to helping people buy or sell a home, Tim and Sharon can relate to different communities throughout the Lower Mainland area. They can relate to different age groups. They can relate to the importance of family and your home. They relate to each other, and they relate to people’s love for the Delta area and the truly unique lifestyle it offers its residents.


we can relate

To put it more succinctly, the members of The Delta Group truly care about you and your real estate goals. To them, real estate is not just about the transaction. It is about listening carefully to what you are saying and tailoring their service to your specific goals, all while building lasting relationships in the process. If you’re considering a move, Tim and Sharon have just one thing to say: “We Can Relate.” Call them today to schedule a private consultation to discuss your real estate goals.


With something as important as the sale or purchase of a home, it is essential that you feel comfortable with your real estate professionals. That is why so many people are choosing The Delta Group when considering a move within the South Delta area. Together, Tim and Sharon bring varied experiences and backgrounds that allow them to live up to their motto, “We Can Relate.” This allows you to feel comfortable and confident throughout every step of your important move.


Communication and technology are of the utmost importance in today’s real estate industry. Tim and Sharon - together known as The Delta Group - strive to provide their clients with the latest IT trends and all the necessary information to make the most of their real estate opportunities. Whether it is their website, which is full of valuable tips and resources, recent sales, available properties and local information, or their cutting edge “Social Media Blast” marketing system, you can rest assured they are leading the way in new and innovative technologies.  Call them today!